SMC 1000 HE

Protection Services offers four models of portable variable message boards. All four models utilize LED technology to provide the most legible message available to the motoring public, and utilize solar power to extend the run time between charging.
Like all our products our 3-Line SMC 1000 HE variable message boards are full of the features contractors want most.
Features like:

  • Easy Programming
  • 350 Message Capacity
  • NTCIP Compliant
  • 30 Day Autonomy
  • Optically Enhanced LED Lamp Matrix
  • 18 in. Letters

Optional features include:
  • Additional Batteries
  • Heavy Duty Surge Brakes
  • Adjustable Pintle Style Hitch
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Radar
  • Custom Paint

Need a customized unit to meet your state’s requirements?
No problem, we can modify our base unit in most cases to fit your needs.
Our SMC 1000 HE model is so good we use it in our own fleet of dependable rental units. Additionaly, many state department of transportations and countless contractors have relied on the SMC 1000 series of variable message boards for over 19 years.

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(866) 489-1234

(866) 489-1234